Evaluation Question 4

Our group has used many different media technologies when both researching and constructing our music video. Our first task was to use YouTube to research 10 existing music videos of a similar genre and screen grab various parts of the videos that we found to be interesting and effective. We would then paste the screen grabs onto a pages document and write about what we found interesting in each shot. We continued to do this for 10 music videos screen grabbing at least 7 shots from each.

In order to find out what other people thought, we made a survey on ‘Survey Monkey’ which allows you to clearly create questions that are easy to answer and also easy to collect results. The questions we used included “What locations would you expect to see in a Techo fusion music video?” as well as “What kind of narrative would you expect to see?”. In order to present our survey results in an effective way we used Prezi. Prezi allowed us to display our results and evaluate them as well as finishing off with a conclusion.

As well as our survey our group also constructed a Target Audience Video where we filmed between us 3 different people and asked them the same questions. Next it was time to start thinking about who we were going to use as our singer in our final music video. In order to compare various people we organised auditions which were recorded on canon 7D camera, where we asked them to sing the same section of the song.

When decided on who our actress was going to be as a group. After this we chose the song that we were going to lip sync to and that we would create our music video to (Dust Clears by Clean Bandit). To present this in an easy and visual way we made a storyboard where we drew the pictures on paper scanned them on to our iMacs and used Photoshop to add colour.

Photoshop was an effective software to use as it allowed us to play around with different layers and colours in order to find the most effective ones. Once all our photos were completed for our storyboard we transferred them onto FinalCut Pro and arranged them into the order in which they would come in our music video.

On FinalCut we used the Ken Burns tool, which allowed us to show the movement of the camera by selecting start and ending points of the shots. We felt that this is a very useful tool especially when it came to filming.

Final Cut Pro enabled us to edit our footage together skillfully and efficiently. For example, using the ‘Trim tool’ and ‘Range tool’, we were able to arrange our clips so that edit points lined up with the beat of the music. We also used the stabilize tool to give any shaky shots steadiness. Furthermore on Final cut we played around with the contrast and saturation of shots to make them look more aesthetically pleasing e.g making Elliot more contrasted to make him stand out from the pale background. We also turned the saturation up on certain shots to heighten the footage eg sunsets to give it more of a Majestic feel. After Effects also played a vital role in the construction of our music video, as we were able to put our brand identity ‘FC’ at the start and end of our music video, fading it in and out so that it blended in with the sea, which looked highly effective. In terms of equipment, in the filming phase of our music video, as well as the various preliminary tasks, we used a Canon 70D camera. This was very beneficial, as the Canon 70D is an extremely high-quality camera, which produces excellent HD video recordings. Comparing the Canon 7D to the other equipment we used e.g. the iPhone 6, you can see a vast differences in quality as it is less grainy and more sharp. We used the 7D to film the narrative shots in our music video which produced a clear, focused shot where you could really believe the emotions portrayed by our actress due to the clarity of the footage

Throughout our advanced portfolio we used Vimeo. We felt that Vimeo is a very useful site as it allows videos to be uploaded and shared easily. In order to gain feedback on our surveys and music video drafts we used various social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, this was particularly useful for gaining feedback from a variety of people of all ages even though our target audience was mainly teenagers and young adults.

When constructing our music video we used an array of industry standard devices including the Canon 7D, which allows for a clear HD video to be recorded. We also couldn’t have created our final music video without using iMac’s and MacBook Pros, which allows for the use of industry standard software such as FinalCut Pro, Photoshop and InDesign. Final Cut Pro allowed us to cut our video and play around to make the lip syncing in time which was very important in order to make the music video more realistic and effective.

In order to promote our band we used Wixs to make a website. Wixs was simple and easy to use and allows for videos and pictures to be included. When constructing our evaluation questions videos we used photo-both to record our voices. We then used FinalCut Pro to piece all the screen shots together and add the voice overs.

To present all the coursework we had completed for our advanced portfolio we used wordpress. We felt that is a very effective site to use as you can easily upload videos, photos and edit them whenever needed.


Evaluation Question 3

Throughout the course, we have had many opportunities to receive feedback from various people that fit different demographics.

Our first collection of feedback was our surveys on Survey Monkey. We created 10-15 questions that required various forms of responses so that we could gain insight for our music video’s target audience. We shared our separate surveys via social media sites and collected responses. These responses were able to guide us with information on ideas for Actors, Props, locations and costumes for our music video. The feedback helped establish our preconceived ideas and allowed us to develop on our plans for the future with assurance.

Once the initial research was completed we proceeded with planning for the final music video. To share our ideas and plans for the music video, we created a storyboard, which we turned into an animatic that we posted to vimeo. We shared our animatic with friends for feedback to gain a larger perspective on opinions of our vision for our music video. We received many positive responses with some constructive comments too! It was clear to Clean Bandit fans that the music video is intended to be in their style. The focus on instrumental work and establishing scenery shots are a crucial element to this.

During the drafting of our ancillary tasks, we received constant feedback from our teachers to help us follow the conventions of real digipacks and artist websites with the genre in mind. Using the photos from our photoshoot was useful for both tasks as it gave a consistent theme running throughout. When researching the digipacks it was clear that in order to create successful album artwork, the photos needed to be harmonious. If the photos were taken all on different days in different locations with varying lighting and quality then the digipack would not look professional. The photos we used on the digipacks were harmonized, however to enhance this, we added a filter to all of the photos so that the hue matched. We also added the necessary logos where deemed appropriate, including HMV, Compact disk and Arista and the copyright text.

We looked at clean bandit’s official website as an example for our wix page. We made home, gallery, songs, tour dates, merchandise and ‘about the band’ pages. We also linked the social media sites we had created to the wix.

We specifically asked our media classmates to give feedback on our ancillary tasks as they have a broader knowledge of conventions to find the most appropriate products which most appropriate and fitting but also attractive to the demographic.

Initially on our first draft of our final digipack. We found that there was a lot that we could changed in order to more follow conventions. After adding the filter, copyright text and logos we received feedback from our teachers saying it had met all of the criteria for full marks. The feedback from our media class frequently mentioned how the fresh culprit logo was suitable for the genre and style of the band.

After receiving the feedback for the research and planning stages, we were able to begin filming for the final music video. Once we had finished our drafts we posted them on vimeo and to our blogs and shared it with friends, asking for feedback.

Gaining as much feedback from our drafts was crucial at this point, in order to create the best media product we could.

After the first draft, the feedback made it clear that in order to make the next draft better we needed to include more locations and narrative. We used vimeo to upload our drafts as although all the footage is original, we do not have rights to the song so it would be taken down by Youtube as copyright.

Once we had posted our 2nd draft, the feedback focused around making a stronger narrative. Having shots of molly on the bed crying and looking at photos didn’t reveal enough about the situation and left the audience slightly confused. Also, there was only 1 shot of Molly dancing so our intended narrative was not strong enough. We needed to extend the story line so we went out to film again. Some more feedback was that the silhouette shots of Elliott and the shot at the end of Elliott and Jasmine lasted too long.

This constructive feedback helped create our 3rd and final draft, where we received only positive comments.

Evaluation Question 2

On our wixx website, we have numerous photos that we took all on one day. They are all from the same photo shoot, have the same people in the same clothes, and have a signature style of positioning consisting of the band members being in some sort of line with some close ups of the instruments and of the instruments alone. The images we used are all very symmetrical. This may seem very repetitive; having the same images on all of our repeated through our website however after researching websites we saw that it is important for brand identity to happen when trying to promote and album or single, so that an icon can be created for the band. For example in ‘Catfish and the Bottlemen’s website they have their album cover on the front and top, and there is a clear black and white color scheme throughout. We have a dark colour scheme too, however to create this color scheme we edited the photos and made the website background compliment the photos, so everything fits together better. On the wixx, there are four links to other web based axillary’s. We made a Facebook account for Fresh Culprit, which has the band logo which is a F and a C put together in the as a profile picture and one of the photos form the photo-shoot as the cover photo. Similarly, we did this for our twitter account, but with a different photo. We ensured that the photos were not exactly the same but were similar, so on both twitter and Facebook we used photos of he band facing the camera in a straight line. We also took pictures on our phones when shooting so that we could instagram different photos and post them to our instagram account. To add to this, some of the images on our wixx website we instagrammed, to make a signature style throughout all of our web based ancillaries. We have all of these web based ancillaries coming from our main wixx, so it was important that there was an obvious style throughout all 4, which is what we believed we have achieved by using similar photos and color schemes throughout them all.

For our digipack, we took four of the photos that we took during the photoshoot, that are also on all of our web based ancillaries. Even though they were all taken on the same day, the lighting was different from photo to photo, meaning when we put them together they did not match completely. To help colour match all of the images on our digipack, we used to app ‘Instagram’ to put a filter on top of all of the images which made it look more professional as after our research into digipack’s and trying to create our own, colour matching was one of the biggest elements to a good digipack. On the front cover our of digipack, there is a photo of the band with the band logo of the F and the C in the font Forte across the front which is the same as all the profile pictures in all of our web based ancillaries. The colour scheme of our digipack fits with the wixx very well.

At the start and the end of our music video, there is our FC logo quite similarly to the neighborhood’s video ‘sweater weather’. We also have many clips of the band in places that reflect the photos in our axillaries. Even though there is not any footage of the band in the car park we took all the photos in, we do have jasmine lip syncing in a car park wearing similar clothes to the images on the digipack and wixx. We also have scenic shots of the band members together dancing, in the same order as they are in all the photos used. This creates a pattern that audiences can identify with and now expect in all our other productions. To add to this, all the instruments used in the video are the instruments that are used in our ancillaries. There is a particular shot of molly and another similar one of Archie that replicate the picture of jasmine playing the violin on the back cover of our digipack. There are close up shots of the band members in our video, which connect with our digipack as on one side there is a picture of the whole band with signatures under their faces. There are close ups of all of the band members at least once in our video, which relates to our digipack as it is obvious they are the same people. To conclude, we believe that it is the creation and use of the FC logo that has been the biggest element of making our ancillaries and video most effective. As we put this on everything we created it made an identity for our band. We also believe that the photo-shoot we carried out was another element that made our ancillaries come together, there is an echo of the photo-shoot in our video, and we used the photos for most of our products.

Evaluation Question 1

There are many aspects of our Advanced Media Production that can be considered to be both conventions and challenge the conventions of real media products. These conventions can be seen on our final music video, digipack and Wixs. One convention that can be seen in our digipack is the use of a barcode and copyrights printed on both the back of the digipack and on the CD. We used InDesign to arrange the copyright text on the back of the CD cover, this is a typical convention seen in real media products for example on Clean bandits CD for the album “New Eyes”. We felt that using neutral and serene colours eg. Greys and whites was suitable to our genre and choice of actors and mis-en-scene. When researching real music artists digipacks we became aware that most artists created their own font that is used throughout all of their albums, websites, tour posters and merchandise.

An example of this is the 1975s albums, using the same font as well as creating there own logo that is now clearly associated them as a band, which as well as this is an effective way of distinguishing themselves from other bands. For our digipack and wixs we decided to use the same font throughout, which not only makes all of these products uniform, it also allows for a brand identity to be created because listeners recognize the font with our band. We also felt that in our digipack and wixs it was a good idea to have taken the pictures on set on the same day, therefore the pictures would all be of similar hues and tones. Another conventions we spotted when researching existing media products was including artists record labels and various music companies logos on the disc to make the digipack seem more authentic.

Moving on to our digipack. To make our digipack seem more realistic we decided to add signatures of all of the band members to make the digipack look more like other digipack we had seen eg ‘Cheetah’. We also saw that most existing digipacks had the words of the copy right infringement on the back, so we also copy this convention. We chose to put the band in urban and edgy, clothes similar to photos that we had seen clean bandits. We did this so that ours would conform to other similar techno fusion digipacks, making ours seen nothing out of the ordinary. However, our digipack could be seen as to challenging the conventions of other real digipacks in our genre, as we chose to put pictures of our actors on the digipacks where as many artists just use scenery, symbols and various forms of art work. When our group was making our digipack on InDesign we decided to use the font ‘Forte’ and the letters ‘FC’ an abbreviation of band name on the center cover for the digipack. This is a typical convention seen on some digipacks such ‘Bombay Bicycle Club’ as band use the abbreviation elsewhere like on there merchandise.

In our music video we felt that we followed many conventions that existed in real music videos. The locations we used can also be considered conventions of existing techno fusion music videos that we researched as most tended to feature sunsets and car parks. We chose to use these locations in our music video as we felt they work well with the style of music and beat. As a group we chose to use similar kinds of shots to ‘Clean Bandit’ in there music video as we thought it would be suitable to the genre. We did this so that the shots were relative to the choose song and the audience would therefore we able to recognize this as a real media product with clean bandit in mind. This can be seen when we filmed molly with a violin with a sunset in the background. When taking into consideration Goodwins theory of features of a music video number 4 states that “the demands of the record label will include the need for lots of close ups of the artist”. Therefore in our music video we made sure to include many different close up shots as we felt they are both effective as well as important when trying to portray emotion. This was particularly important in our music video in order to portray the story of an abusive relationship. Examples of other music videos with close ups include Sam smiths ‘only one ’ video and Blondes ‘all cried out’.

In conclusion we felt that as a group our media product both a convention and challenges conventions of real media products. However we felt that when construction our digipack, Wixs and music video we made sure to take all research into consideration in order to create a product that is both effective and is a convention of a typical music video.

Final Music Video

For our final music video, we made a few small but noticeable changes in order to achieve the highest marks possible. I filmed a shot of Molly’s dancing feet, used the stabiliser tool on Final Cut Pro on some shots, cropped out Elliot’s hands in one of his lip syncing shots and other similar things.

3rd Draft Feedback

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 08.57.14 Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 08.23.27 Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 08.05.17 Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 08.05.01 Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 08.04.51

We wanted to receive as much feedback as possible on our 3rd draft as any changes made would be made for our Final draft. We received feedback from Ryan (Student aged 18), Naomi (Student aged 17), Olivia (Student aged 18), Lara (Student aged 18), and Molly (Student aged 18).

The feedback we received was very positive. Ryan is a big Clean Bandit fan and mentioned that it looked like it could be one of their own music videos which was brilliant as that was the intention. We wanted to follow their conventions as their style is suited to their music. He also mentioned that our actors, costumes, locations and props were relevant to the genre. Naomi complimented on our range of camera angles and locations. We were very pleased that Naomi and Molly picked up on the metaphor for the ‘Dust Clearing’ and the powder paint. Molly and Olivia liked our narrative and said it was ‘intriguing’, we wanted to have an engaging narrative to capture the audience’s attention. Overall we were very pleased with out feedback on our 3rd draft.

After speaking to Mr Vibert, our media teacher, He gave us some constructive feedback in order to reach the highest potential mark for our media product. Mr Vibert though the shot of Elliot singing where Elliot’s hands were in the shot was distracting and awkward. He also thought the shot of the band doing a group dance was irrelevant to the genre and was more suited to a boy-band pop music video. Apart from that Mr Vibert was very pleased.